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Make an informed decision when you choose your diamond cut.

The princess cut diamond you dream of might not be the one you pick in the end.

Ever since the first moment that you started to believe that he might be "the one," you’ve been dreaming about the diamond ring he would put on your finger, and maybe concerned about what your engagement ring should look like. 
You’ve been secretly stashing bridal magazines that you oogle over, especially the engagement ring ads, and you see a contrast of rings that are very classic in style and some ultra modern; but which style is best?

The answer to this question is actually a simple matter of personal taste.  No matter what ring you choose, it will most likely stand the test of time. Remember: diamonds are timeless, regardless of whatever shape they may be. 
Stay open minded and you might surprise yourself by choosing a unique shape like the "marquise" or "pear" instead of the "princess" cut you think you are sold on now.

One thing to consider is your personality; are you practical? traditional? modern? artistic? or sophisticated?  Even if you think you want to have a ring that is totally unique and original – remember to stay true to yourself. What you consider "original" now, might not fit your style in a few years if you tend to lean more towards the practical/traditional side. 

A helpful suggestion is also to try on different styles of rings with different diamond cuts. The modern ring style that you had your heart set on might not be the best look for you once it's on your finger.
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