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How Much Should I Pay?

Planning your budget is easier when you find affordable loose diamonds.

Save on your diamond and splurge on the ring.

Don't worry if you're at a loss for what an appropriate amount to spend on a diamond would be; most men don't have any idea.  Fact is the amount is different for every relationship.  Some would say a good guideline to follow would be to invest 2 months salary. 

This may seem like a lot for some and not enough for others, consider this: by purchasing an affordable loose diamond on-line you are receiving a substantial savings (possibly hundreds of dollars!) therefore exceeding the expectations of buying from a retail store and you can blow her away with out blowing your budget. 

Remember, a diamond purchase may not seem as important to you as it is for the love in your life. She will take pride in this diamond every day for the rest of her life. Even an expensive car doesn't last a lifetime and a lot of men spend more time choosing a car than a diamond.  She will appreciate whatever sacrifices you have made to put that significant sparkle on her hand. 

Taking the time to chose the right diamond will reward you more than you can imagine.

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