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Letting him know

You are so ready for him to ask you the big question and you’re pretty sure that he's feeling the same way, yet inside you have this creeping fear that he might pop that question with a ring that you "less than adore."

Here are some ideas for dropping hints to point him in the direction of your dream diamond ring without really letting him know what you're thinking:
Inconspicuous hints:

- You don't want to drop loud hints or too many (this could end up doing damage that you don't want to deal with).  What you can do is be open about your opinions in jewellery. You can casually talk about your friend's engagement ring after you saw her recently, sharing what you like and dislike about the ring. Or show him a ring style you like in the accessory section at any department store.
- Maybe leave some of your "secret stash" bridal magazines out. Hey, if he freaks-out about it you can blame the magazines on a friend.  If you've spied diamond cuts you like, circle them or at least fold the corner of the page down. You never know if he might sneak a peek when you're not looking.
- Tell your most trustworthy best friend or relative exactly what your dream diamond ring looks like.  If you feel comfortable enough, give them a picture of it with explicit instructions to give it to your "Mr. Right." If he ever comes to your friend looking for ideas,  the details are right there (you can even help him out more by including your ring size).

Follow these tips to show your loved one the diamonds that you really hope for, without seeming obvious.

You can get the diamond you want most.

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