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Getting the Proposal Right

Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed at the challenging decision of selecting a diamond for that perfect ring. Or perhaps you're finding that choosing a diamond is the easy part and you're actually more concerned with figuring out how you're going to ask her to marry you.

Don't worry. We want that moment to be as special as the diamond you're going to present her with. So here are some helpful tips and some proposal stories that might just inspire you when you ask for her hand in forever.


Tip #1: Reflect on Your Relationship and the Love of Your Life

Has your time together been composed of fun filled activities, daring adventure, tender moments, playfulness or casual simplicity?  Is she quiet or outgoing, practical or romantic? What sort of things does she appreciate? 
Consider this: would she like a private moment or a public spectacle? Have there been memories that you've made together, important milestones that can factor into the proposal? 
What are her "love languages?" Would she rather you do the dishes, buy a dozen roses, cuddle on the couch, go for a walk together, or just hear you tell her that she’s amazing?  These reflections should help you decide the shape your proposal should take.

Tip #2: A Great Story and a Great Surprise

Most ladies want to be swept off their feet with an amazing proposal story to tell their friends and family, but they also are secretly fearful that they won't love the ring on their fingers as much as the person who put it there. 

Don't cop out and take her ring shopping before hand. If you want to truly surprise her, consider a couple of options: 

1) Buy an astonishing diamond and present it to her in its sheer beauty without a setting. Tell her that you'd rather pick out the band with her input since she's the one that's going to be wearing it on her lovely hand for the rest of your lives together. 

This option should take the "what if she doesn’t like the ring" worry out of the equation and you can focus on asking her that important question - and getting that excited "Yes!

Be sure that she loves her engagement ring by proposing with the right diamond quality and select the perfect setting together later.

2) Ask her trusted friend, sister or cousin (as long as they don’t have a reputation for not keeping secrets). Chances are she'll already have an idea of the type of ring your love wants - or she can subtly find out for you. 

Tip #3: Be Natural

You are probably going to be nervous enough without trying to be something you're not.  Let your true self shine through in whatever fashion you propose and don't berate yourself if it all doesn't go as you planned; she will love it just knowing that you planned anything at all.
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