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Finding the Right Diamond for Her

There are many factors to consider when choosing a diamond and we've laid them out in both technical sense as well as style.

The 4 C's of diamonds can guide you to a quality and beautiful diamond; they include Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat.  Each of these characteristics contributes to the ultimate exquisiteness of your diamond. Click here for details on the 4 C's

Learn about differences in color, cut, carat, and clarity. Then search our inventory for the right diamond for your occasion.

Aside from the 4 C's, considering your beautiful bride-to-be's personal style with our Personal Style Profile below will aid you in choosing a diamond shape that will put a smile on her face - as bright as the stone on her hand. 

If you're still concerned about making the right choice after looking at the personal style profile there may be some ways that you can find out what she has in mind: 

  • Pay attention to hints, like when she talks about her friend's engagement rings. She will probably be quite honest with you as to what she likes and dislikes about them since she has to tell her friend how beautiful it is whether she thinks so or not.
  • If she's a bridal magazine junky, while she's not around, take a peek at the ring ads in the magazines. She may have circled ones she likes or folded the corner down.
  • Ask a trustworthy best friend or relative since she may have already told them about her dream ring, and if not, they might be willing to do some snooping for you as long as you trust them to keep the secret. Whatever you do, don't send one of your friends to do the detective work. She'll know what's up in an instant and trust us, she'd rather be surprised.

Personal Style Profile

Is she: Practical? Traditional? Modern? Artistic? Sophisticated?

Practical – a woman who tends to be level headed, down to earth, efficient and no nonsense and leans toward quality things in her life that will stand the test of time; whether that be clothes in her closet that won’t go out of style or furniture that will match any color of paint.

She will most likely not be as hard to please but would appreciate classic diamond shapes like the Round, Princess, Oval or Emerald. 

When choosing a setting on your own: most likely a clean lined classical setting.

Traditional – a woman who values family, heritage and classical things.  She may be a collector of antiques and have a fashion style that might be considered romantic, preferring pretty over trendy styles. 

She will appreciate Round, Oval, or Emerald, possibly Marquise, Pear or Heart shaped diamonds but probably not the Princess.  

When choosing a setting on your own: consider adding side stones and perhaps a band with some detailing or a classical setting.
Modern – a woman who is cosmopolitan, career oriented and loves city living.  Her style is definitely fashionable but sleek. Her choice of furniture would be clean, straight lines without intricacy.

She will appreciate Princess, Round or Emerald but most likely not the Heart, Oval, Marquise or Pear.

When choosing a setting on your own: look for a modern setting, sleek and straight lines, possibly tension set or channel set (which suspend the diamond) also consider adding side stones, for example a graduated chain of baguettes.

Artistic – a woman who chooses variation over the typical. She isn't afraid to be herself when everyone around her is doing something different.  Her fashion sense may be retro or eclectic, valuing creativity and staying away from straight lines. 

She will appreciate almost any diamond shape at all.

When choosing a setting on your own: either a very unique setting or a classical setting.

Sophisticated – a woman who is always put together, a social butterfly and loves the best of everything.  She is very stylish and surrounds herself with rich looking fabrics and accessories and prides herself on being distinguished. 

She will appreciate the Round, Princess, Oval, Emerald, Marquise and even the Pear but most likely not the Heart.  Her hope will lend to a larger stone.

When choosing a setting on your own: select a setting that will enhance the diamond, perhaps something that wraps around the stone, definitely consider adding side stones.

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